Saturday, June 22, 2013

Interesting Post on Emotion and ADHD

There's an interesting article up on ADHD and emotion at ADDitude Magazine. I do think the author makes a mistake in his rant about 'people pleasers,' however.  In my experience, most children start out as 'people pleasers,' in the sense that they crave praise and melt down at criticism. However, the kids without ADHD seem to learn to handle criticism at a younger age. Meanwhile, a nine-year-old with ADHD still responds to criticism much as a five-year-old without it.

I just want you to be happy with me!

Could criticism, and the ability to react well to it, be tied up with executive functioning ability? As I've aged, I've found a critical (not negative) inner monologue can help me focus, prioritize, and check my work. It doesn't come naturally to me, but if I set one of my thought-tracks to 'critical,' I can produce timely, conscientious work.

We know that EF abilities are delayed in ADHD kids. Could it be that their emotional response to criticism is delayed as well? Maybe we need to work harder at teaching these kids to handle criticism.

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